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F r e s h  B R E A D  F R O M  t h e  O v e n  E V E R Y D A Y 

Ki´bok delivers all orders fresh from the oven.
We do not have bread in stock.

Please place your order ahead of time. 


Croissant Loaf

Mini Conchas 

Rehilete de cajeta

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c r e a t e  m e m o r i e s 

w i t h  k i ' b o k

K i ' B o k

Smell is the sense that connects most of our memories.


The scent of freshly baked “pan dulce” reminds us of our grandmothers cooking breakfast; of those mornings with our whole family gathered around the table sharing a meal. It reminds us of Mexico and its wonderful traditions.


This is why we are Ki’bok, a Mayan expression that means “pleasant aroma”.



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pan dulce 

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