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F r e s h  B R E A D  F R O M  t h e  O v e n  E V E R Y D A Y 

Ki´bok delivers all orders fresh from the oven.
We do not have bread in stock.

Please place your order ahead of time. 


Croissant Loaf

Mini Conchas 

Rehilete de cajeta

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c r e a t e  m e m o r i e s 

w i t h  k i ' b o k

K i ' B o k

Smell is the sense that connects most of our memories.


The scent of freshly baked “pan dulce” reminds us of our grandmothers cooking breakfast; of those mornings with our whole family gathered around the table sharing a meal. It reminds us of Mexico and its wonderful traditions.


This is why we are Ki’bok, a Mayan expression that means “pleasant aroma”.



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pan dulce 

Dear customers, Ki'bok is temporarily closed until further notice. Reopening announcement will be sent via our social media, email and here in our website. We appreciate all your support and thank you for your preference.

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